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Let us get to know your family, introduce ourselves, walk you through our unique process, and show you why we're different.

There is no obligation, no contract, and no earnest money.

If, after your personalized one-on-one review of your final budget, you wish to proceed, we will then move forward with financing and start construction of your dream home! If not, we completely understand. There is no obligation to proceed forward.   

So this contract thing. If you wish to proceed to construction, the bank will require a standard Texas Association of Builders contract. But guess what, there is still no earnest money.

Our team will walk you through your preliminary budget line item by line item. From earthwork to finishout. 

And you guessed it, afterwards there is still no obligation, no contract, no earnest money.

You get a dedicated project manager.

Weekly schedule updates.

A designer.

Bi-Weekly financial health reports.

Basically, full transparency & white glove service.​ You deserve it.


Oh, and all those selections you already picked out in Step 3...all your heavy lifting is now done. Please sit back and enjoy the process.

Our team will walk you through the architectual process, all custom selections, and provide real time feedback on any and all cost implications. 

Yep. There is still no obligation, no contract, no earnest money. 

That's it, pretty simple?

Let us take care of you for the next 10 years.And let us take care and give back to our community.

Our mission is why we do this: A Framework of Giving.

Pretty simple process, right? Now that you're settled in your beautiful dream home, it's time we take care of two things: 


1. YOU, for the next 10 years under your StrucSure Home Warranty.


2. Your community. Let us know which non-profit in your community you would like for us to make a donation. 

Thank you for being a part of our mission: A Framework of Giving!

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